Laugh Often … Live Well

Laugh Often Live WellResearch on workplace wellness shows a strong correlation between laughter, humor and a less stressful environment. That same research describes laughter’s ability to increase the human brain to absorb more information while boosting morale and improving performance. There is a solid connection between happy employees and a happier workplace. Workplace wellness programs can generate savings by improving productivity, creativity, customer satisfaction, and reducing sick days.

This keynote is highly interactive.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn 14 physical and emotional benefits of laughter
  • Strengthen the ability to create spontaneous laughter
  • Discover appropriate humor at work
  • Recognize the power of choosing a new perspective
  • Acquire the principles of Good Hearted Living™

On behalf of our entire Regional Staff, I would like to share my appreciation and gratitude for your unconventional presentation and approach to dealing with the pressures and stresses that come with any professional job. It was amazing to see how something as simple as “laughter” can make a positive impact on a corporate office’s mentality when dealing with difficult and stressful situations. …Your confidence in what you do and your passion to help others live a better and happier life is apparent.”

Deb Mossa, Vice President, General Manager
Philadelphia Region, McDonalds USA


Julie Ann Sullivan works with organizations that want to create a workplace environment where people are productive, engaged and appreciated. Known as the Attitude Enhancer, Julie Ann is a professional speaker, trainer and advisor.  She is the Founder of Learning Never Ends, a company whose purpose is to create a more positive culture, one person at a time. She has a diverse educational background which includes a BA in Psychology and an MBA in Accounting. Julie Ann was a CPA and spent decades involved in the financial industry and the corporate world.

Julie Ann is a Professional member of the National Speakers Association and an accomplished author. Her programs are high in content with a good measure of humor and motivation.

Julie Ann’s ultimate goal is to create the Best Place to Work for all involved, internal talent, customers and the community.

Julie Ann Sullivan will change the culture of your business and your perspective on life.

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