The Art of Listening

Listening is an aspect of your life that you do instinctively.  You have been listening since you were born, so this ability has become second nature.  In some respects that is good, because without thinking you are aware of your surroundings.  However, familiarity creates unconscious behavior.  You […]

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Respect yourself

Many opportunities arise every day for each of you to do a kind deed.  They may be deliberate or something the world around you puts in your path to act upon.  Each time you create an Act of Kindness, you can grow respect within yourself. However, this […]

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ROR – Return on Relationships

“What is the best networking group to get involved with to get business?”  This question was asked on LinkedIn and my comment was, “If that is the only reason you are going, don’t go.” Doing business with people is all about ROR, Return on Relationships.   We want […]

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Learning from FEAR

  It is never too late to celebrate a great man. When I think of Martin Luther King, I think of a man with these intense qualities: Passion/Compassion Determination /Perseverance Faith/Conviction   Many years ago, I read a wonderful biography about Andrew Young. For those of you […]

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30 Day Gratitude Challenge – Self Imposed

Where did November go?  You know once you get into December; the whole world seems to become a blur.  I did not decorate this year or have many parties to go to and yet it all flew by.  Of course I traveled until the 16th so that […]

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2014 and the word is FOCUS

You know how you sometimes learn something new or decide to make a change and then all of a sudden everything around you seems to relate to that decision? Some new health issue may come up for you or someone you know, and you discover that several […]

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Is Coaching for you?

I sometimes feel like a juvenile in this vocation of professional speaking. That has its advantages, at 63, and a few frustrations as well. But, no matter what age you are or how long you have been in your chosen profession, there is always a time to […]

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My Gifts Shared

Laughter is a mechanism to relieve stress and bring joy into our lives. Without formal research, I think we can all agree that kids laugh more than adults. From my experience we tend to laugh more when we are with other people than when we are alone. […]

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Fall Into a New Perspective – Take a Walk!

I got up this morning with the blahs. I still woke up happy to be alive. I made my list of all the many reasons to be grateful. Let’s see, I have my health. I live in a comfortable home. I have a great relationship with my […]

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The Joys of Heartache

Into every life a little rain must fall, but I don’t remember hearing anything about downpours. Heartache is never fun, but there are some benefits. When I was 16 the “love of my life”, Steve Bates, took me home early from the drive-in because I wouldn’t go […]

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