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“Julie Ann was a perfect fit for this tough crowd and absolutely exceeded our expectations….I was impressed with all of the background she did on our company to prepare for this event. As soon as she kicked off her presentation her level of professionalism and talent was very evident.” Read More…

Sean K. McLananhan
CEO, McLanahan

I really enjoyed your How Leaders Can Inspire Others to be Happier at Work training at the Duquesne University Leadership Breakfast Series. I found the training informative and inspiring. I felt like it was a combination of The Secret and Think and Grow Rich. I was on the edge of my seat as if the seminar was taught by the likes of Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Bob Proctor or John C. Maxwell. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring individuals!!!

Kelly Russell
Program Administrator
City of Pittsburgh/Pittsburgh Partnership

“… It was amazing to see how something as simple as “laughter” can make a positive impact on a corporate office’s mentality when dealing with difficult and stressful situations.”
“… Your confidence in what you do and your passion to help others live a better and happier life is apparent.”  Read More…

Deborah A. Mossa
Vice President, General Manager Philadelphia Region
McDonalds USA

  1. Julie Ann’s presentation “Laugh Often…Live Well” was the perfect kick off to our staff and faculty Wellness Retreat. Julie Ann had our group engaged the moment she was in front of them. Not only was she entertaining, she hit every important take-away that we had discussed during our pre-planning meeting. She delivered a laughter filled keynote address with a powerful message about how to bring more laughter and joy to our work and our personal responsibility to do so. Her session contained practical “how to” ways to train your mind and body to be more positive and laugh more often.
    Shannon Harvey
    Gettysburg Campus Vice President, HACC

  2. Julie Ann’s presentation “Work Happier: How to Inspire an Engaged Workplace” was enjoyed by all who attended the Society of Healthcare Human Resources Professionals of Pennsylvania, annual conference at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort. They learned simple ways to make the workplace more effective. I also enjoyed working with Julie Ann and pleased to recommend her at your next event.

  3. “I had the pleasure of meeting Julie Ann three years ago at the 2012 Association of Applied Therapeutic Humor Conference. Since then, she has demonstrated a remarkable ability to assist organizations in improving their workplace environments by helping people become more engaged and productive. Her speaking style perfectly blends a research-based approach to optimizing corporate culture with dramatic inspiration and humorous anecdotes. I have met many people interested in this line of work, but Julie Ann stands out. Her authentic passion for this work is very refreshing and I can personally attest to the impact that she can have on one’s life — because of her, I have a greater appreciation for the good things around me, and this sense of gratitude has stuck with me in both my personal and professional life. I am pleased and proud to recommend Julie Ann as someone who can truly make a difference for your organization!”
    Matthew D. Della Porta, Ph.D.
    Happiness Expert and Data Scientist

  4. Women’s Energy Network (WEN) was fortunate to welcome Julie Ann Sullivan to our 2015 Kick off Event this January. She did a wonderful talk about handling stress in a chaotic life to the board of directors and committee chair members. All of the women talked highly of her calming and motivational talk. I was absolutely perplexed at her ability to get us all to be quite and relax for several minutes with an activity she conducted. I highly recommend Julie at any event you have planned. You won’t be disappointed!
    Tara Meek
    Senior Environmental Specialist and WEN President

  5. I had the privilege of attending a workshop presented by Ms. Sullivan. What a wonderful experience. Uplifting, thought provoking, and informative. Great take-aways. Great information. And, most of all, inspiring. The kind of workshop that makes you want to go back and be a better “people person.” What can I do as one individual to make a difference? It is more than what you may expect! Without hesitation, I would gladly recommend Ms. Sullivan as a speaker, presenter or motivational guru.
    Amy Noon
    HR Director
    McAneny Brothers

  6. Julie Ann is a fantastic speaker with a wealth of information and practical advice. She exudes positivity and focuses on simple tasks to improve your own engagement in your every day life – and those that can be taught in the workplace to improve overall morale and productivity.

    I highly recommend Julie Ann as a speaker for workplace engagements or coaching for middle/upper managers that want to improve their team’s performance.

    Business Development Director, BI Worldwide

  7. Julie Ann’s presentation style is both engaging and relaxing. She brings an energy to a room that makes you just keep thinking “I wonder what will be next.” It’s not fluff – what Julie Ann is teaching and sharing is impactful and can be applied immediately after the session. And in the process she will make you laugh and smile.

    Leadership Coach & Speaker, Dare To Be Amazing

  8. Julie Ann’s presentation on Gratitude at our Annual Community Support Program (CSP) Recovery Awards Luncheon was timely, inspiring and well-received. In a lively, upbeat way Julie Ann was able to put into words the importance of being grateful even when things aren’t perfect and that gratitude can help in all circumstances, even for individuals who face daily challenges in their lives. Her presentation was humorous and down to earth, and was delivered in a thoughtful, sensitive manner to a unique audience. Thank you, Julie Ann – Westmoreland County CSP is grateful for you and your positive message!!
    Jill Kowalewski, Westmoreland County Behavioral Health/Developmental Services

  9. I wanted to thank you for coming to speak with our group and for helping the Wounded Warriors! Heard so much positive feedback from everyone – one lady who has been a member for years told me that yours was the best presentation she has ever seen at the group!
    Linda Burke, Co-Chair Entertainment Committee, Green Tree Woman’s Civic Club

  10. WOMEN of Southwestern PA Event
    “Thanks for giving women something positive to think about”
    Joni Podrasky

  11. Julie Ann Sullivan’s book, “A little bit of GRATITUDE goes a long way” is a “must take with me everywhere” read. It keeps me tuned into what a flourishing life can be just by reflecting on the little things for which I am grateful. In “The Sayings of the Fathers” there is a quote in the Hebrew text: “Who is rich? The one who is happy with what one has.” This book reminds us that we have it all.

  12. Julie Ann delighted the audience with her keynote presentation on gratitude for the Wise Women fundraiser in November, 2013. Everyone was listening, laughing, and hanging on her next words; no phone fiddling or purse rustling here. I was truly grateful she shared her experiences and wisdom with us.

  13. Julie Ann Sullivan is a breath of fresh air. Her presentation on gratitude was exceptional. The audience laughed, cried and gave a standing ovation. I recommend Julie Ann as a speaker or facilitator to any organization who wants to increase teamwork, appreciate their staff, host a leadership retreat or offer a learning opportunity to their workforce. You will be filled with gratitude when you realize the impact of her teachings!
    Beth Caldwell Communications
    Founder – Pittsburgh Professional Women

  14. It was easy for me to follow along with Julie Ann’s presentation on the value of “happier workers” because I too believe in the power of attitude and positive thinking. Regardless of the mood you enter the presentation with, you’ll leave feeling totally refreshed and with a different attitude about your ability to work happier and to enlist happiness at work as well.
    Having spent twenty-eight years in the Air Force, I understand the importance of a cohesive and dare I say happy crew. Julie Ann provides several practical tips to help energize your team.
    Her effort doesn’t stop there, she also provides a host of helpful links to additional information that won’t leave you searching for next steps as you implement happiness at work.
    One of the secrets I walked away with was the fact that “your attitude starts with you”, and so too does the next step. Take that step and contact Julie Ann. You’ll be happier if you do, and it may be the way to help turn your team around.
    Military Program Director
    Duquesne University
    School of Leadership and Professional Advancement

  15. Julie Ann’s presentation to the Pittsburgh Human Resources Association on Collaboration was engaging and fun. The retention of great ideas was made easier through her interactive style. The techniques she shared had relevancy and great purpose. Therefore, I have successfully incorporated them into my own work environment.
    Julie Ann’s passion and expertise is obvious in her work. I look forward to participating in her workshops in the near future.
    Director of HR & Training
    The Bradley Center

  16. Julie Ann’s presentation on creating laughter and joy in our lives was a perfect way to start our new year. Our teachers found it full of positive energy and useful ideas for their classrooms and their lives. Some even commented it was the best in-service ever! Julie Ann’s energy and humor mirrors what she taught to us. It certainly brightened our day and will continue to do so. I look forward to working with Julie Ann again in the future.
    Director of Education
    Easter Seals Western and Central Pennsylvania

  17. Julie Ann is awesome! She is truly engaging and inspirational! She challenges you to grow and look at the ordinary in an extraordinary way!

    I highly recommend her!

  18. Julie Ann really had our staff engaged with each other, laughing out loud! Her passion and dedication to others is evident in her message and delivery. More importantly, her humorous and interactive approach got us to think about the big issues in a fun way. We were very pleased to have the opportunity to participate in Julie Ann’s laughter workshop.
    Grossman Yanak & Ford, LLP

  19. — I want to carry Julie Ann in my purse!
    — Better than coffee in the afternoon!
    — Julie Ann was awesome, entertaining and very motivating.
    — Laughter is the key to changing your whole life … Great!

    Participants from Inspired Women’s Conference

  20. Julie Ann, you made our evening so memorable … we had so much fun! What you do is so selfless and I think you made an indelible impression on all of us. Thank you again!

    North Hills MS Support Group

  21. Your presentation at our annual meeting was more engaging that even I had anticipated. Many of the participants have commented over and over again as to how motivating your talk was and how the health aspects of laughter are often overlooked. I would definitely recommend you to groups considering including you in an event or as a standalone speaking engagement. Kudos!

    Bayer Corporation

  22. Thank you for speaking to the participants of NEW Leadership Pennsylvania. Your presentation on professional communication was crucial for the success of the program. The information you presented were put to good use all week. The participants had positive comments and immediately put into practice what you taught. It is always great to have such great partners for NEW Leadership!

    Chatham University

  23. Ha! Ha! Hee! Hee! Laughter is the way it should be!
    Julie Ann provided our staff with relevant strategies, using laughter, to help manage stress in our lives. Staff left her presentation feeling revived, motivated, and ready to take on the school year!

    Baldwin-Whitehall School District

  24. Julie Ann was an excellent addition to our full day conference. Her enthusiasm and approach not only kept the attention of the audience but allowed for full participation! The attendees left with smiles on their faces and were full of compliments. Julie Ann is a first-class speaker that balances professionalism with fun! We all need a little more laughter.

  25. You have to walk a fine line between being overly simplistic and being profound, but you did it last night!

    Dottie Coll – Owner

  26. Julie Ann is excellent in subtly getting her point across using a very interactive and participative presentation format. From start to finish, she will hold your attention and draw you in using creative forms of interaction that lets everyone participate in a very comfortable non-threatening environment. I have attended her workshop on Communication, which was quite informative, as well as entertaining. The group thoroughly enjoyed her tips on listening, as well as her points on habits to keep, and habits to improve upon for better listening skills. I would highly recommend this entertaining and thought provoking program to any person, group, or organization that is looking to enhance their communication skill set.

    Michael Toney
    Area Manager – Paychex HR Solutions
    Pittsburgh Human Resources Association – Education Chair

  27. Administrative Professionals Day:
    – Great presentation! It’s great to be reminded to laugh and enjoy life.
    – Great presentation! Very fun and great reminder of what’s important!
    – Gratitude! I’m so blessed to experience your presentation today. Thank you and God bless!
    – You were totally AWESOME!

  28. Julie Ann Sullivan made us laugh! Our Retirement Director’s last day was the same day as her presentation, and it was a sad day for all. Julie Ann helped us get through our grief by making us laugh. I highly recommend using Julie Ann’s talent in any venue, age group or setting. We all thank Julie Ann for healing our sorrow and teaching us how to laugh!

  29. — I really enjoyed it and got her book about Gratitude.
    — Very fun, very happy, what we all need.
    — Loved your presentation and wonderful ideas!
    — Fantastic! Really made my day better and want to do the things you suggested!
    — I was so encouraged by your presentation. You are a beautiful person and I am very grateful for you.
    — You were able to put into words what I try to instill in my boys and myself. Thanks so much!

  30. Julie Ann spoke at our psychology honor society induction at CCAC. When filling the slot for the keynote speaker, we always look for someone upbeat with a positive topic. Julie Ann certainly fit the bill! Her topic, “A Little Bit of Gratitude Goes a Long Way,” resonated with the audience in a powerful and personal way and reminded us all how simple but meaningful and life-altering the feeling of gratitude can be. I would highly recommend this delightful speaker and enjoyable workshop for just about any audience, as it is applicable to everyone.

  31. I had the opportunity to participate in one of Julie Ann’s workshops at the beginning of this month; it was an uplifting experience. The room was filled with senior citizens laughing and learning about the benefits of humor in all of our lives. Since the workshop, I start every day with a few minutes of reflection about what I am grateful for and I remember to smile during this quiet time.

  32. Julie Ann is dedicated and insightful. I have enjoyed working with her over many years.

  33. Careful, detail oriented and passionate, Julie Ann brings deep thoughts and concepts to the surface where they can be understood by all. Her passion and delivery endear you to her and her message.

  34. Julie Ann and I have worked closely on key fundraising efforts for a non-profit organization, Julie Ann was responsible for designing a check-out process, managing credit card and cash purchases, and heading inventory procedures with vendors. My experience with Julie Ann was very positive, and I found her to be extremely knowledgeable, highly organized, attentive to detail, always punctual, proactive (always looking forward to find solutions), and very forthright. Julie Ann is a compassionate person, and she is passionate about any job she tackles.

  35. Julie Ann is a consummate professional who is always looking to learn from and/or help out in any situation, professional or personal.

  36. Julie Ann recently spoke to a professional organization which I am a member of on how to relax in a chaotic life. She is a tremendous, knowledgeable speaker and kept participants engaged until the very end. I am a partner at a CPA firm and mother of two, so managing my life leaves little to no time to relax. Julie Ann provided simple and useful techniques that I have employed in my daily routine. In a profession where I am constantly measuring results, I have been pleased with the noticeable changes in the quality of my life and relationships (both business and personal) I highly recommend Julie Ann’s presentation and look forward to engaging her for future presentations.

  37. Julie Ann is a wonderful woman to know. Her smile lights up a room and her laughter classes are the best. If you never have heard Julie Ann speak I suggest attending one of her workshops. I always learn something new. A truly nice person.

  38. Julie Ann is a tremendous workshop leader. She led two laughter workshops at our center for two very different groups. One group was composed primarily of men, and I was concerned they think her style too “warm and fuzzy.” By the end of the workshop, she had everyone laughing and my business networking group talked about it for weeks. Julie Ann possesses great expertise in this area, and stellar presentation skills. Thank you, Julie Ann!

  39. Julie Ann is truly a professional. If you are looking to lighten up the atmosphere of your work environment or if you need a speaker at an upcoming event, Julie Ann’s laughter workshops are for you. Recently I attended an event that Julie was asked to speak at for 15 minutes. When the keynote speaker was unable to attend, Julie Ann stepped in at the last minute to complete a 30 minute presentation. She truly demonstrated her knowledge on the subject and that “Laughter is the BEST medicine”. Here’s to a year full of laughter with Julie Ann!

  40. I loved your presentation yesterday to the BBW Chamber. You were entertaining, informative, and thought provoking. Of course, I love the way you analyze the lessons that living brings to us. And you share your story of learning so well and so freely. It really pays to be aware of what is going on in your life and how to make improvements. Your suggestions are great, easy and memorable! I have heard you speak numerous times, and you get better and better both with content and presentation. Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing.

    Dottie Coll
    Two Men and a Truck

  41. “Julie Ann Sullivan showed us how Learning Never Ends. On a busy December morning, she shared the benefits of Laughing Out Loud with a network of service providers who will in-turn share their experience with others. The good endorphins, the healthy exercises, and the hearty laughter helped to relieve the stress of the holiday season. Julie Ann shared her understanding of the human need for more laughter and less tragedy and we all experienced a new way to increase our wellness, one laugh at a time.
    Thanks for a great hour of fun.”


    Marty Stahl
    Interim Director
    Volunteers of America – Working Order

  42. Thank you for providing interactive development sessions for all staff members on the opening day of the new school year. Many of the participants stated that the program exceeded their expectation and contributed to the “best first day ever.” The sessions on “laughter” and “change” were enlightening as well as entertaining. We appreciate your knowledge and passion and are approaching each day with a focus to increase our effectiveness in working cooperatively to achieve goals.

  43. Julie Ann’s sessions addressed needed interpersonal, human resource skills that are often overlooked in staff development. Her programs assisted our professionals in the first step of student achievement – establishing relationships with students. Her sessions were so well received by attendants and the veteran teachers involved that we plan to continue using her services in our three-year Induction Program. I unequivocally recommend Julie Ann as a viable option for professional staff development.

  44. Our MiRage County Team annual conference, attended by human service professionals, was greatly enriched by Julie Ann’s presentation. Guests described her session as fun, uplifting and engaging! Her teachings inspired new ideas for personal growth as well as for supporting persons with disabilities. Several participants agreed that Julie Ann “taught me much about the gifts of laughter”. Thank you Julie Ann, for leading us in activities that prove the power of laughter and that Learning Never does End!

  45. Julie Ann’s message will lift your heart with light and laughter. I’ve had 20 years of opening weeks and in-services and I have never had so much fun as we did with Julie Ann to start the school year and come together. Underneath her message of light and fun is a very serious message of balance, strength, and a deeper understanding of self and others! Hers was the best professional in-service I’ve ever experienced!

  46. – Best opening presentation in 39 years!
    – What a great way to jump start your day!!
    – You made all my yawning go away!
    – Very inspirational
    – Appreciate the joy
    – Amazingly wonderful

  47. – Great job – you’ve started my school year with a much better perspective!
    – You have made a difference in my today.
    – A lot of ideas for school counseling – helpful!
    – Thanks for making us LAUGH!

  48. – You do something worthwhile!
    – Laugh everyday at everything … anything

  49. – Very energetic and informative
    – Helped me to realize I lack focus when stressed
    – Very peppy

  50. – Well done! I feel my stress level melting!

    – Not at all what I was expecting! Laughter does make you feel better!

    – Great times

  51. Julie Ann,
    Thank you for presenting to the DART staff on March 5. The information you shared was valuable. We did a zoomerang survey and the staff indicated that your session met with their expectations and that they were really glad they attended. Specifically, staff indicated:
    – This was very helpful. I think sometimes people get so
    busy and forget their basic foundations.
    – Instructor was very knowledgeable and passionate
    about the information she presented.
    – This session was beneficial to me in thinking about how
    I am responding to parents and caregivers.

    Thank you for presenting to our staff!
    AIU3 DART program participants at
    “How to Relax in a Chaotic Life”

  52. Julie Ann Sullivan was a pleasure to work with. She has been very responsive to any of my requests thru the accreditation process.

    She had the ability to bring a group of 200 healthcare professionals to their feet with laughter as well as senior citizens that need a little laughter in their life. Each time Julie Ann has spoke for Mission Pharmacy she has been able to persuade the group to fully participate in the presentation. I have had nothing but rave reviews from all participants.

    I plan to use her again for Continuing Education Presentations and would recommend her to anyone who wants to provide an opportunity to allow a little laughter into someone’s life.

    Denise Minton
    Director of Sales and Marketing
    Mission Pharmacy Services
    Kittanning, PA.

  53. Julie Ann,
    You have a magical way of communicating with people. Your delivery raised the energy and enthusiasm level in the room. Thank you for your splendid program on reducing stress in one’s life. You immediately engaged the audience … You offered many hints for reducing stress of our own creation. The admonition to not beat ourselves up is so true. And to celebrate, no matter on how small a scale, is a great recommendation so many of us tend to forget.

  54. I was able to sit in and watch the “Laughter Workshop” held at St. Barnabas Retirement Living. It was amazing to see the smiles of joy and energy created in that hour of time with over 50 seniors. Also appreciated the handouts after the workshop to help us remember how to stay positive in our daily life.

  55. Your talk about accepting change given at the Rotary meeting in McMurray was wonderful. We can’t stop talking about it. We found it helpful to reflect on what has power over us and how to break out of old habits/thought patterns. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us.

  56. What a difference this laughter workshop made for my morning :)…..
    I had been fighting a sinus cold…and really did not want to get out of bed the day of the laughter workshop.
    Immediately following the workshop, I had a professional photoshoot scheduled and then on to my usual non-stop busy day. I had a choice, I could have cancelled everything for the day OR let’s go see what this “laughter thing” is all about. Boy, am I glad I decided to go!
    This workshop was THE best thing I could have done that day! Afterwards, my spirits were lifted sky high…
    I went to my photoshoot with color in my cheeks and a smile on my face and then tackled the rest of my day with plenty of smiles to go around for all of the people that I encountered.
    Yes – smiles are contagious! (my sinus infection, good thing, not so much)
    Smiling Out Loud,
    Amy Chess

  57. I attended Julie Ann’s laughter workshop with a friend. We had such a good time just laughing! Julie Ann had us up and moving around stretching and prepping for the laughter exercises. What a great way to spend an hour at the end of the day! Thanks, Julie Ann. That was fun!

  58. Julie Ann presented an enlightening and entertaining workshop to our professional staff. “Laughter Will Transform Your Organization” and “Change is Inevitable” were important segments of our opening Staff Development. Listening to how change does not have to be destructive to the system was timely. Watching an auditorium full of men and women expressing emotion through laughter was hilarious. I would highly recommend Julie Ann for small or large group sessions. We hope to utilize her skills in the near future.

  59. Julie Ann presented her laughter session at one of our in service days at the begining of the year. Even though teachers don’t always make the best students at begining of the year in service days, she had us all up and moving, laughing, interacting and breathing as a team in a matter of minutes. From first year teachers to the 30+ veterans, everyone participated. Julie Ann’s energy and personality was infectious. Highly recommended.

  60. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the “Laughter Workshop” led by Julie Ann Sullivan at the Sewickley Library. There are so many benefits to simply “laughing out loud”, and they all ring so true from my prior experience and learning. The breathing that is encouraged and necessary to laugh, brings new life into my body. It’s like doing yoga without all the work!

    I highly recommend Julie Ann’s teaching to anyone interested in wellness and happiness in their lives! Van Miller

  61. Julie Ann came to the Girls Hope house to do a presentation on the importance of laughing and the girls LOVED it! It helped them get out of their comfort zone and Julie Ann gave them some good tips on how to deal with stress and conflict. It was an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon and made everyone feel good! I highly recommend Julie Ann!! She was great!

  62. I recently had the pleasure of attending Julie Ann’s “Laughter is the Best Medicine” presentation. Julie Ann was warm, funny and totally engaging. She had a room full of adults on their feet performing laughter exercises and thoroughly enjoying themselves. I felt the after effects for days, and I smile now just thinking of it! Thanks Julie Ann – I needed that!

  63. I was at a lunch today and Julie Ann was our speaker. I have heard her present in the past and every time I come away with a very calm feeling and knowledge I didnt have before. Julie Ann is such a gentle soul and I am very glad to have meet her. I wish everyone had her outlook on life it would be a much brighter place to live.

  64. Sitting through an in-service presentation by Julie Ann, my first thought was what a strong presence she was in that room. You could hear a pin drop. Then the fun started and everyone was suddenly participating. I found the same to be true during a recent 2-day program for our high school students. The first day found them hesitant about being asked to attend. But they enjoyed the discussion and were even early getting into their seats the second day. Good job Julie Ann. You Rock!!!

    Steffie Smith
    Western Area CTC

  65. Thank you for the recent program, “Relaxing in a Chaotic World”.
    I found it very clear and direct in what it had to say. It assisted participants to identify their own world of stress, and also to identify their own preferred way to relax. It was good to hear how the others were handling their own everyday situations.
    I feel that the aim of the workshop was accomplished in that it assisted all of us to find the confidence in dealing with the everyday stress, and to realize that nothing is insurmountable.

  66. I attended the Unitarian Church today to hear Julie Ann speak about the book “The Four Agreements”. Julie Ann is a captivating speaker. I have owned this book for several years and just could not get into it. Because of the way Julie Ann taught us about this very brilliant concept of living life to the fullest, I have been inspired to read and learn from this book. Thanks Julie Ann! And BRAVO to your very talented public speaking style!

  67. I found the book both uplifting and inspiring. I’ve loaned the book to many of my friends and they have all said the same thing. Congratulations, Julie Ann!

  68. Julie Ann is a wonderful and inspiring person to work with.

  69. My 10-year old son and I often read “a lesson a day” from Julie Ann’s book. The passages are not only inspiring to me, but also to him. They’re brief, but filled with enough insight to spark a conversation about something that usually has meaning for both of us. And I love the interesting tangents my son and I can go off on, inspired by some nugget or nuance in Julie Ann’s book.

  70. Many patients in my office have inquired about her book. She presents snippets which depict open mindedness, adaptability, and integrity. She balances here and now perspectives with there and then knowledge. Her topics show polish balanced with humanity. Her writings demonstrate an organized mind with clear thinking. I would recommend her book.

  71. I’ve found the book both inspiring and helpful.

  72. One of the most moving and inspirational books I have ever had the privledge to read. I am so proud to call Julie Ann my friend.


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